Experience Builder - Apply Filter on Page Load

03-01-2021 03:46 PM
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Very, very new to experience builder and trying to wrap my head around some pieces. If I use Survey123 results as a dataset is there a way to filter the data on page load? 

What we are trying to do is have the main page show a list of all results and when an individual item is selected either a new page is loaded with filtered results, or the existing list is filtered.

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Are you simply wanting a table of all the results, assuming you'll limit the attributes shown, then have any item selected in that table show all its feature info when selected in another window?
If so, add a table then, once you've managed the visible attributes, drop in a feature info widget. Back in the table, go to actions and set framework to filter records. This will mean a record in the table will show in the feature info.
Apologies if I've over simplified this, thought I'd make a suggestion and roughly put something together in 5 mins.

If you want more complicated, you can create something like a card with text boxes linked to the results - a filter widget could then be added and your results would show within the card. All depends on the format you wish.

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