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Works in desktop, but not mobile - Map pop-up and search bar

05-26-2021 04:56 PM
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Hi EB community,

I've just made the latest updates in our webapp live. Woo!

I tested it out in desktop prior and checked out the different screen views for mobile, tablet and desktop beforehand.

Now that it's live, I've opened it in the web in mobile and I can't

a) zoom in and out of the map using my fingers

b) click on a parcel and get the pop-up to open

c) type into the search bar

These all work in the desktop.

This is the web app. Ecosystem web app 

I checked the bottom right hand corner of the map settings. I have not disabled scrolling or pop-ups in mobile mode.


Your help much appreciated!

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As much as Scroll Zoom works on desktop, if you use the zoom control on the map, it doesn't.  Check you've not accidentally turned the zoom control off here;



The issue with the pop-up, it may be since the pop-up is so large it's too big to display on a small screen I'd look at creating a card to sit below a mobile map so you can try to squeeze in as much information as you can.
When creating an ExpB app think of each of the device sizes as different audiences and therefore requiring a different data story.  A mobile app may not require a big map area, when you want to show information....or a large map area with a small pop-up. Every pixel is at a premium.


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Hi @JonathanMcDougall , Thank you for taking the time to look at the app and provide feedback. It turns out it was the sidebar that was blocking the map. I've removed it now. I was hoping to turn it into a menu icon in the upper right hand corner, but some of the items in the sidebar are windows. Any idea how to get windows into a menu widget?  From what I can tell it only takes pages.

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