Widget zoom to action doesn't work for point layers

09-02-2022 02:28 AM
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I have experienced somewhat of a weird problem when I try to set an "zoom to" action for one of my widgets. I have set a an option to search trough query( also tried with list) in a specific layer, and once the records are generated to select one an zoom to it on the map. It works perfectly with the polygon layer, but it doesn't when I try to do it for a point layer, even though everything is the same and both of the layers are in the loaded web map. In addition, the same action works perfectly fine on the ArcGIS Experience Builder Developer edition. Any ideas as to what could possibly cause this? 

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Hi @KalinaStoycheva, is it possible to provide a sample app so we can take a look at the problem? It could be data-specific or configuration-specific. 

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