Widget Reset w/ Custom Layout

04-11-2023 03:25 PM
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I have been working with custom layouts and have run into an issue. If the screen size is transitioned (i.e. “Large screen device” to “Medium screen device”), each widget’s constructor is recalled and the state is reset. For example, if a user has set up a field to filter by in the Filter widget and the screen device is changed, the field is reset:



This affects OOTB custom widgets alike. The same issue occurs for switching the map widget to fullscreen.

Are there any reasonable workarounds to this? Does Esri plan to address this issue?

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I noticed this too during testing.  On my desktop, I resize my browser windows quite often to display multiple things across my monitors at the same time.  It seems that this would present incorrect information to someone, somewhere eventually.  I hope someday that this could be rectified, but it may be a big hurdle.

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