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Wanting private access to a Page

12-18-2020 09:26 AM
New Contributor


I'm fairly new to GIS and ArcGIS Experience Builder.

I'm creating a site where it will include many different topics and depth of information about prescribed treatments (forestry and fire). I have a total of 5 pages plus the home page (where the user starts and chooses an option).

The client wants a "lock" for a specific page, we'll call it the practitioner page. We want the user to enter given credentials to open the page (username and password). The remaining pages will be fully accessible to the public, therefore shared to everyone. 

Is this possible in ArcGIS Experience Builder?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Brandon,


Sorry you cannot set page accessibility directly in ArcGIS ExB. However, there is a work around to make this possible.


Make a new site (Experience 2) with only the specific page that needs to be locked. Make sure this site is not shared to public.


Then in the original site, you can add a link in Page panel, and enter the url of Experience 2 in link setting. In this way, added link will show in menu widget. Or you can use a button widget to direct to the new site.




Hope this helps.





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