Very Bad Performance in ExB 1.9 (Dev Edition)

09-06-2022 06:56 AM
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Performance in ExB (1.9) is very bad in our application. At first I thought it might be the custom widgets but upon removing everything but the Web Map, its no different. Takes about 15 seconds to load the map, panning and zooming also around 15-20 seconds for the layers to load. Pop-ups could take half a minute to show up.

The AWS workspaces that its being tested on has 16 cores CPU, 122GB RAM but NO dedicated GPU.

Upon testing the Web Map on its own in Portal Map Viewer the performance is better, although not great, it gives about 13FPS as seen in Dev Tools, while when using the same Web Map in a Blank Template with just the Map widget there is 1FPS, just panning.

Panning in Web Map Viewer in Portal (10.9.1):




Panning in Web Map in ExB (1.9) Dev Edition, Blank Template, just Map Widget:





Is this normal to see such a bad performance without a dedicated GPU? The customer will not be able to upgrade their machines to have GPUs so we have to find a solution to this.

Now the Web Service itself is quite chunky, its a map service coming from another ArcGIS Server and the service has about 13 group layers which have nested group layers within. The basemap is coming from AGOL which is a Vector Basemap Service. The Network tab shows about 4-5 seconds fetch time from the Server but this does not explain the rest of the time lost to lag when panning and waiting for data to render... So perhaps fine tuning the Web Map Service won't be much of a benefit.

Is there anything I can do to improve the apps performance?

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Is there a sample app we can have a look?

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thanks for reply, unfortunately the environment is on a private network in AWS. When testing I tried only the Map Widget in the Blank Template with that Web Map and it was the same bad performance. 

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We have further tried to test the same Web Map in

  • WebAppbuilder (Portal 10.9.1)
  • Built in Experience Builder (Portal 10.9.1)
  • Web Map Viewer (Portal 10.9.1)
  • Web Map Classic (Portal 10.9.1)

In all of those cases the performance was ok, the popups opened fairly quickly. However, making an app in ExB Dev Edition (1.9) with the same Web Map causes severely poor performance on AWS Workspace without GPU. Running on my own machine with the GPU the application was running fine.


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Hello, was there ever any additional information learned about this issue?  I have been experiencing the same problem trying to use ExB Dev Edition 1.11 on an AWS workstation using a web map from Portal 10.8.1.  However, my AWS instance does have a GPU.  I'm currently using a g4dn.4xlarge instance type.  Just attempting to pan the map spikes CPU usage up to 87% and takes minutes to resolve.  Forget trying to perform a search and zoom or edit a feature.  Was the only answer to install ExB Dev on a physical machine with GPU?  

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To follow up on this. We had response from Esri Inc that there was issue with ExB Dev Edition v 1.9 and i guess even in 1.11 as you report. We actually had to revert back to v1.8 and the performance is drastically better. Unfortunately we will have to stay on 1.8 until this is resolved... 

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