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Trigger image and video displays with a button click

03-09-2022 01:29 PM
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Hello All,

I have an experience builder app showcasing parks and natural lands.  The idea is for users to click trail marker buttons and then for images, videos and text to appear.  Can anyone provide me some resources that would explain how to do this?  It seems like a section and views navigation widget would be invovlved but the documentation is lacking and I'm hitting a wall.  Any input is much appreciated.  Below is a link to my project if helpful.  Once you're taken to  a park page is where I need the functionality once users start clicking trail marker buttons.


Thank you,




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Replying to this in hopes someone may be able to assist.


Thank you

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Here is the sample I created which matches your requirement:


  • For this use list to show the trail markers buttons, and add data as your trails layer SumitZarkarCT_2-1648288645870.png


  • Remove all default elements of the list and add Text control to show the trail number. (Like FAC-12).  Select same layer so that you can set dynamic data in the text controlSumitZarkarCT_4-1648288912610.png


  • Add Text to show the title
  • SumitZarkarCT_5-1648288969503.png


  • Add Image 
  • SumitZarkarCT_6-1648289051103.png


  • Add Text and set dynamic/static text as per your requirement
  • SumitZarkarCT_7-1648289118233.png




Here is the final Result:

test (1).gif



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