Time Slider not working on Seconds or half minutes

03-21-2024 03:42 PM
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We have a time slider widget that we are feeding from a webmap. We have to do it this way due to live data being updated by a notebook. The issue is that when i change the time slider properties to seconds, it makes a solid bar in experience builder even though it works in the map. When I use the esriTimeUnitsMinutes but set it to .5, the play button and forward/backward controls donot work in Experience builder but it does in the webmap. Any ideas?

When set to seconds, it does not workWhen set to seconds, it does not work

update_timeSlider = {
'properties': {
'startTime': min_value, # Unix timestamp for start time
'endTime': max_value, # Unix timestamp for end time
'thumbCount': 2,
'thumbMovingRate': 500,
'timeStopInterval': {
'interval': 1,
'units': 'esriTimeUnitsMinutes'


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