Table widget interacting with chart when you click a search result?

08-28-2022 04:17 PM
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Hi there, 

I am trying to unrelate my table widget and my chart widget. When I click a search result, it filters the chart above the table however I would like this disabled.


I do not have any actions or triggers applied to the table widget or chart widget. They are from the same data source and "related" but if I have actions and triggers turned off why does the table filter the chart? (but not other way around). 


I have turned off "select records" in the table widget, however it only filters when a search result is clicked (rather than a row in the table is selected).

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Thanks for the post! ExB is data-centric which means those widgets consuming the same data source will always show the same amount of records. So in your case, to make the Search behave independently, you can add the data source twice when you configure the app. Use the first copy of the data source for the Search, and the other copy for other widgets. Hope it helps!