Table Widget changing selection on click

02-01-2022 08:26 AM
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If I have table widget set up to allow selections, then there is a "show selection" icon at the top of the table that will filter the list to only show selected records. 

Once I have made the selection on multiple features, if I click in a field to edit the value, that record gets un-selected from the list.

The intent is to select multiple features and be able to edit any of the attributes for the selected features.

However, if I don't allow selections in the table widget, the selection from my map gets passed to it, but there is no longer a "show selection" option, so have to scroll through potentially thousands of records to "see" the records that are selected.  if done this way, I can at least double click in a cell to edit it without it removing it from the selection.

Is there a way to have multiple selections shown in the table widget, with the "show selection" icon, where the values are editable,  and it doesn't un-select the feature when you click anywhere on the row (attempting to edit a value)? 




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