Survey Widget: Send data not working properly - bug?

06-28-2022 03:10 AM
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In my ArcGIS Experience I connected a Survey Widget to an existing survey and want to send data from a map to that survey. When clicking on a hexagon, the ID (in this case called "GRID_ID") should display in the field for the first survey question ("Auswahl: ...") and it does in the Live View in Experience (see attached picture "survey_experiencebuilder1.png"). However, when visiting the website in a browser, the ID simply doesn't show (see attached picture "...2.png").

The strange thing is, that this used to work perfectly in the past. Only for the last couple of weeks it has not been working - and I haven't changed anything regarding the settings, map or survey. Does anyone else face the same issue and might this be a bug because of the new Experience/Survey123 updates?

Thanks a lot in advance for any advice!

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@MVpes Thanks for letting us know. cc to @ZhifangWang 

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@MVpes ,

This is not a known issue to us. Can you please share the app with us to look into? If it is not public, you can send me a direct message.

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