Survey Geopoint Item on iPhone Experience Builder WebApp drawing improperly

04-24-2020 02:45 PM
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I have a survey123 survey embedded in a web app that when called in safari on an iPhone loads improperly when activated.  After clicking the geopoint map it sometimes it fills the screen with black and has a few of the location buttons, other times no buttons.  There doesn't seem to be a way to escape back to the main screen.  The buttons don't appear to do anything.

Most recent version of everything as it is all the web based versions-

Survey123 built online

Experience Builder online

Iphone 6s with current ios

Thanks for any insight.


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We also appear to be having user issues with a geopoint field in a Survey123 webform using iPhone 6. The geopoint field is not behaving properly (not able to select a location, and the address/place name input not appearing). The survey was published from Connect, and can be accessed by users either through an iframe on our webpage, or the direct link to the webform.

Also finding generally that accessing the form that is embedded in our webpage using an iframe via any mobile device (tested on android) produces a black screen with no input options when the geopoint question is accessed.

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The solution to this (at least for us) was to change the iFrame height, as it had been set to a size larger than that of some devices (e.g. iPhone 6). Following advice from ESRI support we modified the embed html and have had no problems reported since.

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