Spatial filter like the "near me" widget from webmap builder in experience builder

06-30-2022 06:13 AM
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Hi. I am in need of a widget in experience builder which can find point "near me". For example the points of interest in a 100m cirkle around me. It seems like it was a such widget in webmap developer that did that which is called "near me". Is the someone who a trick for this. Can i maybe copy the code from webmap developer if there is some way to find this code?

Thanks for you're answers

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I agree this would be a really useful function for us too. I'd like to have a widget to filter for assets of interest within a certain radius or within a certain area of interest. Much like the screening tool in Web App Builder but something in Experience Builder. Thank you.



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If you're using the Web App Builder Developer Edition you could find the NearMe widget in your client>stemapp>widgets directory.

As Esri said, we unfortunately cannot transfert WAB widgets to ExB. So you'll need to modify the NearMe widget code to fit for ExB.