Show a polygon when list item is clicked

04-06-2023 07:30 AM
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I have school points on a map with the school information in a list. When a list item is clicked the school point is filtered. 

I also have school boundary polygons. The school boundary polygon has a schoolID field that matches with a school point field.

On load, I dont want the school boundary polygons to be visible, but when a school is selected, I want the associated school boundary to be visible.

I feel it's easy, but I can't figure it out.



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@JeffFennellUSAFennell Unfortunately this workflow is not achievable at this moment.

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I've got a similar situation where I have about 100 polygons that overlap in all manner of configurations and are 100% not useful when the layer is fully visible.  I'd like to use some sort of list-like functionality to be able to not show any of them unless the user clicks each list item, turning on the corresponding polygon and zooming to it.  Then, if the user clicks that selected list item again, it zooms back out to default view and turns the polygon visibility back off.  Rinse repeat on other list item clicks.  


I thought I had it working at one point but lost my edits in some sort of "react ... ..." site malfunction.  Hunting around in all the list widget settings has revealed nothing that works.  😞

Any chance that is doable?


UPDATE:  Ok, I've got it so when a list item is clicked the map filters to just show the clicked polygon.  So that's a success.  However, I still need to figure out:  A)  How to not show any polygons when the app first initializes.  Currently, the web map as the layer as visible and all the polygons draw on the map and it's totally useless as a visualization.  B)  How to get the map to zoom back to the default extent when the user unselects the list item.

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