Search widget using both locator and layer source

02-24-2023 10:31 AM
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I'm working on a Zoning app that allows the user to search by address or to search by zone type. I would like to configure the search bar so that when an address is searched for (using a locator) it zooms to the requested address does not filter out any layer data. When a zone type is searched for, I want the zoning layer to filter to only show the requested Zone type (Ex. R1). Both of these options do exactly as I want if they are the only source to search, but as soon as I try to have both the locator and the layer search, whenever I search by address, the entire zoning layer disappears/gets filtered out.

Obviously if the user is searching by address, it's because they want to know what zone that address is in, it's not helpful if the zoning layer is filtered. On the other hand, I can't just create a duplicate or view zoning layer, because when a user searches by Zone type, I want them to be able to see only the Zone Type they searched for.

I'm relatively new to experience builder, so I'm hoping that there's an easy solution to this problem that doesn't involve creating 2 separate search bars. 

If anyone has any solution, I'd appreciate hearing it!

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