Search and open layers of interest in layer widget tree

01-11-2022 08:27 AM
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Hello, we are building a web app using Experience Builder.

We have a large number of layers, and it would be really useful to have an option to search for a layer of interest within the layers widget/table of contents which would open the layer at the correct level in the layer tree.

So for example -  I know I want a layer called 'Countryside Stewardship Water Quality Priority Areas' and I search for it in the layer widget. Then, the layer opens up in the layer tree at the right level. I can see some challenges, such as if you don't know the exact name but you know a keyword - so perhaps the search could autopopulate with the layers that match and you select one. (see the attached screenshot). This would really aid new and unfamiliar users in finding data within a list of about 150+ layers. I don't think there is already functionality to do this any where in ArcGIS Online, and therefore probably not EB either but want to check before submitting as an idea.

Does anyone know whether this is possible?

Thank you. 

Heather Bell.

GIS Analyst @ The Rivers Trust
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WAB Layer list can do this but not in EB yet AFAIK.

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I would like to see this as well. It would also be really useful in the ArcGIS Online map viewer

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This has been directed to the corresponding team for enhancement considerations. Thanks for the feedback.