Search adress, get data from different layer

05-12-2022 05:55 AM
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So i don't really know how to label this topic.

I have been trying to create a new app, where the user types in their adress, and from the adress get data from layers overlapping the adress point. (using a geocode service in a search widget)

In this case i have a polygon layer, weach polygon shows the extent of a detail plan. The polygon contains the name of the detail plan, and linkt to the acctual detal plan (PDF), using an text field with a url to the PDF. 

I would like to create a simple app, for the not so map cunning users, where they type in their adress, and get a window with the records/attributes from the polygon. 

A map is not needed in this scenario. I have been playing around with different widgets, but the only result i get is from the geocode result (adress information).

I have added the polygon layer as a datasource.

Help me 😃

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