Reset query widget doesn't clear map selection or reverse actions done

08-25-2022 10:33 AM
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I am using a query widget in my EB that uses a simple attribute filter and the "Record Selection Changes" trigger. The trigger data source is a River Basin polygon feature layer, and the targets and actions I have set are:

            Map --> Filter (trigger and action data source the same)

            Map --> Zoom to

            Map --> Filter (all other feature layers)

            Framework --> Select data records (trigger and action data source the same)

            Framework --> Filter data records (all other feature layers)

The problem is that when I clear the results and reset the query, the selection on the map still remains, all the layers are still filtered, and dynamic content (count statistics) I have on my EB don't revert back to the default extent of the map/framework.

How do I make it so that everything will reset to as it was before the query was applied?

Thank you!!!


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@SophiaUthe Hi, Sophie -

The current behavior is that selection will be removed only if you manually de-select the feature since other widgets might be using the same data source and want to have that selection.

However, we will take this case into consideration, and evaluate if a possible enhancement is valid in the near future. Thanks for bringing this up.



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Hi @TonghuiMing 


How do you manually de-select the feature(s)? do you uncheck the layer?


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I have the same issue described by  Sophia

I have one query widget in EB and it uses two different feature layers.

If I apply one of them and then I reset or clear the results, the map and other widgets do not come back to the previous state or default view

You said:  remove the selection manually, but I'm not selecting anything just filtering.


Add action ----> Framework ------> Filter data records, and select the conditions to the trigger and action connection.

All the time, I have to refresh the whole page to bring it back to the default view.


Any clues how to solve this?

I tried with filter widget but that widget doesn't allow me the same triggers and interaction than query.


Thank you






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@SophiaUthe  @JhonDuarte The original issue should have been fixed with the latest 2023 October release - to reset query will clear the selection now. Please let us know if you encounter any other issues, thanks.

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I've upgraded Experience Builder (Dev Edition) to 1.13. Clear query result didn't work-I have to refresh the whole page to bring it back to the default view all the time.   


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I have a similar issue. We just recently upgraded to Enterprise 11.1 and we noticed our Query widget within experience builder does not clear the selection if you empty results (delete bin) or if you click on Reset. The selection remains stuck. Is this a bug under review?

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Enterprise 11.1 is equivalent to the AGOL release 2022 Nov (three releases ago).


Please refer to the doc for version differences. Thanks.

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