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Removing Feature Info multiple select on top of widget

07-27-2023 10:41 AM
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Hi, does anyone know how to remove the multiple select feature on the top of the feature info widget. I am using this particular experience builder app primary as a mobile app. For the purpose of the mobile app I do not need to see all the different features, just the first one selected. 

If I can't remove it, is there a way to turn it off just so it can not be seen? When I try to make the widget smaller, it only shows the multiple select arrows.

Thank you in advance! 

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Hi @MM_123Main , 

Could you try changing the settings within the Feature Info Widget from Default to Selected Features? 



Results - 
No Selection


Once a feature is selected 



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Hi @MM_123Main 

Like @gis_KIWI4 mentioned, if you want to see single feature only, you can use "Selected feature" data view in Feature Info, and the display feature will then be decided on the feature you selected in other widget, such as in map. And there will be no feature navigation buttons then. You can also turn off "Data action" to hide the data action button so the top bar can be removed as well. 

When no feature is selected, you can customize the "No data message" to show content when no feature display. Or set the "view for empty selection" in data panel to show some default feature when no selection happens




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