Related Tables, Attachment Attributes, and Experience Builder

06-10-2021 11:54 AM
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Not sure if this is an experience builder question or a Survey123 question but here it goes:

I am trying to build an experience that collects several types of data from multiple users, i.e. County Property Management and County Engineer Firm.  I have a hosted feature service that has attachments enabled, and I'd like to add in fields to the attachments table to collect additional information about the attachments, such as the name of the person who uploaded it, and the their company.  This is in regards to following record retentions rules based on conversations with our Archives Director and collecting proper record metadata.  Ideally, we'd like to be able to upload plans and permits about bridges.

Existing post of a separate question on the Survey123 board about creating a survey from an existing services and access the attachments table is here

I thought about creating a separate relationship class & table for attachments to add the additional fields, but I am worried this won't be available in the Feature Info widget I have set up to show the list of attachments - does anyone know if this is the case?


Open to suggestions!

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I don't think the Feature Info widget supports related tables currently. I also need that.

ArcGIS Field Maps supports related tables easily, Survey123 does not.

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Yes I've seen them available in the app.  My issue is I want users to be able to upload documents to existing features using an Experience.

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