Query widget issue: Just show features only contained in polygon

02-04-2022 11:04 AM
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I'm starting to play around with the Query widget with a parcel feature layer.  So with said widget, I enabled Attribute filter and applied "(ACREAGE >= ?)" (so user can enter a value).  Enabled Spatial filter, and in "Geometries from a map" chose the map widget and checked the drawing tools.  As shown below, in my query I get back parcels which include those partially contained in the drawn polygon.  I just want those >>within<< the polygon I draw.   The documentation online is not clear how to do this, and searches of this community did not help address.   Solution????




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@JohnSasso2 For Query, it only supports either intersecting with a custom drawing graphic or having the spatial relationship ('contain' being one of them) against a selected layer. You cannot configure it with a special spatial relationship (aka. contain in your case) + drawing at the same time.


They are stated in the official documentation as two separate functions:




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