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12-02-2022 12:49 PM
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I am looking to see if it is possible to change the "Highlight" color for the selected feature in the map. Currently it is a semi-transparent yellow color and we have a client that is looking to use a different or custom color. So far looking through any and all documentation as well as the widget itself within EB, I was unable to find any option to change this color. 

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Hi @KevinPiraino2 

You can change the "feature selection" highlight fill and outline colors at the bottom of the settings panel when you select the map widget. Is that the setting you're looking for?

See screenshot. 

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Unfortunately no, this is not configuration/setting option I am looking for. This setting is for features selected in the map using the "Select" tool that is available in the map. The configuration/setting I am looking for is to change the color of the selected feature from the "Query" widget. As it stands now, the default color/fill of the selected feature from the "Query" widget results pane is yellow and the developer does not have any control on color, fill, or transparency of the selected feature.