Print Widget and Arcade Symbology - Limitations?

03-08-2023 03:51 PM
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Hi ExBers,

I've put the print widget in my Experience Builder. Some of the symbology in the layers are powered by arcade attribute expressions. In this case the ExB is for a pest management company. They want their symbology to reflect which traps have been checked in the last 7 days. 

We noticed sometimes the print/draw function wasn't working. After some extensive testing, I've come to the conclusion it isn't the combination of the draw widget with measurement text turned on, the different print settings or just a matter of pulling the print widget out and then putting it back in.

I think it is when the symbology in the layer is powered by arcade.

Would it be possible to have one of the developers check this out? I can give you access to the map.

What I'd like the map output to show:


What it actually shows:




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Hi @elpinguino ,

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately I cannot repro your problem with some of my data with arcade powered symbology. Do you mind share me a copy of your data? You can direct message me in person if you don't want share publicly. 


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Hi @WeiYing1 I have decided to workaround it and create a new symbology field in FME. Thank you for your reply.