Open ExB created in AGOL in Portal 10.9.1

12-31-2022 05:18 AM
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I used the new ArcGIS Assistant to copy an Experience Builder app from my ArcGIS Online account to my Portal 10.9.1. When I try to open the experience on Portal I get "Oops.. It seems this experience is built with a higher version of ArcGIS Experience Builder. Please upgrade to the latest version to view."

I purposely did not use any widgets that are not available in Portal yet so I assumed I'd still be able to open it.

Is there any way to view and open my ExB app in Portal? How do I upgrade? Can I do it if I install the developer edition? Recreating the whole Experience from scratch would be a massive undertaking. 


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Hi There Shelby, Did you get anywhere with this. Just found this out today and wondering next (best) steps. Looking at moving an EB v1.11 from AGOL to EB v1.05 Enterprise Portal. Any experience you had in troubleshooting would be great to know.

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I didn’t. I ended up just rebuilding it from scratch. It was a pain!