My Experience Builder Site - Different Performance Across Multiple Browsers

04-11-2022 12:19 PM
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I've been working to create an Experience and it works great on some browsers, on some parts of the planet and some of the time. Seems strange but that's basically the behavior. If I run from an Edge browser using the EB share URL it works great for me in NC, but if a friend uses the same link in TX its slow or only partially loads. Same thing happens on the TX MAC laptop using Safari but not my MAC or Windows laptop using Chrome and Edge.

I can't share it as yet but I was wondering if there are minimum browser settings that need be applied for all.

Sorry for the vagueness in advance.


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I see that same variability with all my browsers.  Seems that some days/times, it loads about half as fast as the old web app builder, and that is the best I get.

Other times, if it was any slower, it would stop.  Oh, and sometimes, it does stop (partially loads and becomes un-responsive).

Saw a HUGE decrease in performance after the last update.  Found out I had to re-configure all my widgets, and got some performance back.  Some widget (i.e., Edit) broke the configure part completely.  Had to remove and re-add for it to work (actually still worked, just couldn't configure it anymore as it wouldn't recognize the data it was connected to).

Until I completely removed and re-added/configured the Edit widget, it "performed" at a crawl.

If you have Edit widget in there, and it is still the Edit (beta) widget, you might remove/replace that and see if it helps.

Seems to be working fairly well today, at least for a beta product.  But the day is still early 🙂



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Thanks for the response. I now believe this is likely an issue of share permissions with a group. I wanted to be able to view the experience as an admin and as a user with different levels of permission and hadn’t set it properly on an under lying layer. Thanks. 
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