Move things into objects after they've already been placed

05-23-2023 08:28 AM
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I feel like this should be very simple, but I'm struggling with it.

How can I place things inside other objects after they've been placed?

For example, I placed my map first and want to place it in my sidebar, which I just added


How can I do this? I thought maybe dragging it in on the main screen would work, but that doesn't seem to do it for me.

I'm really surprised that experience builder is like the one place in the Arc environment where you can't click and drag in the table of contents to re-order things.


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Hi @AlfredBaldenweck ,

Based on your screenshot, it appears that the sidebar is currently nested inside the map widget.

To address this issue, you can follow these steps:

  1. If you have a full-sized map, you can resize it by dragging the edges to make it smaller.
  2. Once the map is smaller, you can drag the sidebar widget out of the map widget and place it directly on the page.
  3. Drag the map widget into the sidebar widget.

In Experience Builder, there are layout widgets available such as columns, rows, and grids. The process of dragging widgets within these layouts in the outline may differ from the fixed layout. We're still working on this functionality.



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