More query options in the DataSourceComponent (time)

06-03-2021 12:45 PM
by Anonymous User
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I'm essentially using the Feature Layer Class example. I'm using it with a MapService layer. My mapservice is a dynamic layer, which can make use of the time parameter.

I'm trying to build up my time parameter and have it be part of the query, but ExB doesn't seem to want to pass it along to the mapservice. Type script does complain that "time" is not part of FeatureLayerQueryParams definition. I could go an add it to the definition (jimu-core\lib\data-sources\data-source-interface.ts), realizing that is not supported. Regardless if I add it or not, it doesn't seem to want to pass my time property in the request. There where part of the query works. It's added into both the layer query and the map Export call. (Placing the where correctly in the layerDef:  {"0":"MyWhere = Something"}

Is there something I can do to have ExB honor my time parameter?




        where: "MyWhere = Something",
        time: "1577880732000,1580559132000"
} })
        <DataSourceComponent query={this.state.query} widgetId={} 
          useDataSource={this.props.useDataSources[0]} onDataSourceCreated={this.onDs} queryCount>



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