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Maximum categories for Chart not working as expected

07-25-2023 09:25 AM
New Contributor

I have tried to configure the maximum categories for a pie chart, but the chart continues to show all of the categories. I see that it is updating the number of colors, but there are still individual slices for categories that would then be considered "Undefined." Is this functionality not meant to "hide" categories beyond a select number? Are there additional data/configuration requirements that I am missing? 


I have attempted to do the same thing in a column chart as well, and No Aggregation is the only statistic that it will work with (this isn't what I want, I was just testing all the statistics to see if I could get anything to work). I have been able to create the chart as desired with maximum categories in a Dashboard but would like to avoid embedding charts.

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Esri Contributor

Hi @StephanieKrausert ,

Thanks for your feedback! From my understanding, there are two problems on your end: 
1.  "Maximum categories" setting does not work in Pie chart. 

2. For Column chart, No Aggregation is the only statistic that it will work with "Maximum categories". 

Unfortunately we cannot repro those problems on our side. Could you provide more details? What version of ExB are you using? Could you share screenshots about the chart setting? 



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Hi there! I am having the same issue. I am noticing this in both Developer Edition (version  1.13) and in the AGOL version of Experience Builder. I am using the following layer to populate my bar chart:

I would like for only 10 categories to be shown, but all the categories from the data are shown. I attached a screen capture.

Interestingly, when I create a bar chart with data from an AGOL-hosted feature layer, the maximum number of categories works as expected. So it only seems to be a problem with map services (and layers within them).

Thank you!

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