Map widget search bar does not respect web map search hint text

05-12-2023 12:34 PM
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In the settings of a web map, you can specify layers to search, and the default search hint text.

When I add a web map widget to a blank EB project, a search button is enabled by default.  When you click the search button and open the search bar, the hint text is the generic "Find address or place".  It does not seem to respect the "Hint text" setting of the web map item.

Is this a bug?

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Hi @KevinMayall 

This is not a bug. The Map search tool label is controlled by, which is the default string and has nothing to do with the AGOL item settings.


In Experience Builder, map tools do not have any detailed configurations. If customizations are required, the OOTB individual widgets (Search widget in your case) are recommended. Thanks for bringing this up.

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