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Make search widget default to one dataset

09-06-2023 07:50 PM
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by MVP Regular Contributor
MVP Regular Contributor

So, I have three datasets that I have added in a search widget in Experience Builder. By when I load the app the search widget shows all three datasets as preselected. The downside of this is that when I search the search tool takes a lot of time to bring a result because it has search through the three datasets.

So I would like for the search widget to preselect only one dataset (Address) when the app is first loaded and then the user can select/add more datasets if they want to. This will help in reducing the search time.



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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi @Ed_ ,

There is currently no direct setting for the default search source.

However, in the latest AGOL update, the search widget supports URL parameters, so you can turn on the search URL parameter setting and uncheck other search sources at runtime, then share that URL as the default home page.

Please check details at



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