Log out of Custom Experience Builder Application

11-01-2020 01:30 PM
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Hi All

I'm building a custom app using experience builder one of the requirements is that a user should be able to log out of the application. I'm struggling however to work out how to do this.

I see there is a session manger, and I have tried calling signOut on that, but if I refresh my page again I am still logged in, I have also tried destroying the exb_auth cookie manually and trying to invalidate the token.

Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.


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I think call `SessionManager.getInstance().singOut()` should work, can you try the latest version (1.2)?

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Thanks for the update, I ended up using the esriId.destroyCredentials(). Out of interest though, if we wanted to create a custom login screen how would we go about doing that? Should we be using the session manager? I've just noticed that if I use esriId, then it will login and I can then change the page, but then when it tries to load a webmap it prompts for login again, so I'm thinking that the token I have created with esirId is outside the Experience Builder system. 

So I'm thinking that session manager is the way to go? Would that be correct?

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I do not find any developer samples for SessionManager. Would like to implement silent Sign-in (user shouldn't get sign-in popup) for Webmap with the secured layers, any advise on how this can be implemented using SessionManager or any other possible way please.

Thank you.

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