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List Widget Question

05-05-2021 04:25 PM
New Contributor III

There appear to be similar posts about the List/Map Widgets, but none I think that have these specific issues. 

I have a list widget that is set to Zoom to the Map and Filter Data records in the framework when a record is selected. 

I have a Map widget that is set to Filter Data records when the Extent changes and Filter and Select data when record selection changes. 

The issue is - after DE-selecting an item from the list (user will be zoomed in to a fairly close extent, as prescribed), the list bounces back to its original state (ie list now contains all records, not just those in the current extent).  The Map Extent doesn't update until you move the map some amount.

This behavior is not observed in this application, which is in the Web Experience Gallery. Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance.


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