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list widget - custom arcade expressions?

08-03-2020 06:37 AM
Occasional Contributor II

Hi all,

I am just starting to work with Experience Builder so forgive me if this is a rudimentary question.

In the basic list widget and adding dynamic content, should I be able to see and select the custom arcade expressions that I have configured for the popups for the layer in the web map? 

If so, could someone tell or a screenshot of where I should see them (because I am not).

Note: the layer is being pulled from our ArcGIS server (map service).  Not a portal, just a plain ArcGIS server map service.



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Esri Contributor

Hi Carmen,

I don't really follow on where you problem is but have you looked into the documentation of the widget?

List widget—ArcGIS Experience Builder | Documentation 

Try following this video, see if it helps you - 

Get to Know ArcGIS Experience Builder: Build an Experience from Scratch - YouTube 


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New Contributor II

I too do not see the custom Expression in the List widget that I have created in the Map Viewer. 

It allows you to make expression in the List widget but it does look like you can only use 5 functions, Count, Sum Min Max.  

A bit odd.