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Line popups always selected first despite being lower in TOC

05-19-2023 07:11 AM
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Despite the points in question always being the first (or at least higher) feature in my Web Map's TOC, Experience Builder and Web Map default to selecting the underlying line pop-up as the first to display upon clicking.

Just now noticed it is the same in Web Map, so not just a Experience Builder thing. Regardless, I don't want the sewer main line popup to come up first when my users clearly clicked on the manhole point which is visibly above the sewer main line. Currently, each time a point with a line close or under it is clicked, you have to hit the little arrow at the bottom of the popup to tab over to the point feature pop-up that you actually meant to activate.

Thanks for any help!

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This is a frustration for us as well. I hate to disable pop-ups on the lower level, because sometimes the customer needs to look at that pop-up, but that's my only workaround.

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