Limit menu items based on groups

05-01-2023 02:35 PM
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Is it possible to show/hide menu items based on weather a user is in a specific group or not?

The scenario is:

  • User A belongs to GroupXYZ
    • When User A opens the ExB viewer, he can only see menu items at the top (Scenario 1 and Scenario 2) that show what is shared with GroupXYZ
  • User B belongs to GroupXYZ and GroupABC
    • When User B opens the ExB viewer, he can see other menu items (Scenario 1, Scenario 2, Scenario 3 and Admin menu items) as they are shared with Group XYZ and Group ABC

This is probably not a setting in the ExB, but how would I go about replicating this scenario?

Thanks very much for any assistance with this.


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@julian_svcs Menu reflects on the pages, while the privileges only differentiate based on the items (data source, app, etc.) level. Being part of an app, it is not possible to make different pages available to different users.

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