Item details in layers list show to show the description from the item details page on ArcGIS Online

01-11-2022 09:00 AM
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We are building a web app using Experience Builder. The users are going to be people who might not be familiar with Desktop GIS but should be able to understand the online web map/app. It would be really useful for them to be able to click on a button next to the layer in the layers widget/table of contents/layer tree to get up a brief description of the layer. There are about 150+ layers in total. The description would be populated with information from the item details page in ArcGIS Online. There is already the option to have 'item details' in EB, but the information it gives isn't going to be useful to the average user of our app. Does anyone know of a way to do this by adding a button which will give an item description in EB for each layer- or to change the 'item details' option that is already available to something more useful in the app. See the attached image. 

Thank you. 

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