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Images not showing in published version

11-17-2022 09:06 AM
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I have recently used experience builder to create an online report containing live maps/images etc. It has been working fine but I have been notified that our images are no longer visible in the published version. All maps and other embedded features are visible, it's just the static images. I can see them when logged into AGOL which makes me think it is a sharing issue, they were uploaded from a local file into experience builder using the image widget. It was working previously so I am not sure how to fix - I tried removing and reuploading an image and looking for somewhere on AGOL where the images might be stored to make them public but no luck. If anyone has any suggestions?

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@Ella_Christie This sounds odd, but we do not have enough information to proceed, and we cannot reproduce the issue. Maybe you could go through Esri Support and they will help create a reproducible environment. Thanks for bringing this up.

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