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how to modify the page link in ArcGIS experience builder

05-19-2020 01:35 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hello all,

As my team is working on ArcGIS Experience Builder, we used different pages and buttons. when you click on a specific button it will take you to the respective page but the problem is that when you click and went to that page the link address showed page 28 or page 29 not the name of the page in the link. So is there any way we can change or modify the link adress so it will show the page name not some random page number.


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I agree that this would be useful, if there's not a way to do it already. Since this didn't get a response yet, I'll reiterate here: is there a way to change the page id shown in the URL of an Experience Builder page to something meaningful instead of 'page_1', 'page_2', etc.?



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And, if you reorganize the pages in experience builder, the page numbers are all our of order. In my app, I go from page_4 to page_1 to page_6. There needs to be a way to change this.


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Any solution for this? This is a big deal for some of us...

@TonghuiMing @Jianxia 

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This is a known issue. Currently there is no way around it. Your cases have been added to the issue.  The good news is that we are working on it. Thanks for sharing.