How to add tiled imagery layers to Experience Builder?

03-15-2023 12:04 PM
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This is my first time using experience builder and I'm hoping I'm missing something basic, but so far I haven't been able to figure out how to get tiled imagery layers to appear in Experience Builder.

I have a web map with 11 feature layers and 5 tiled imagery layers that I'm trying to create a web app for so it's easier for the user to explore the data. In Experience Builder I've added the webmap as data and when I click the Data tab on the left the feature layers are all listed whether they're in use or not. But none of the tiled imagery layers are listed and I'm not sure why they aren't or how I can add them to the map.

All the feature layers and tiled imagery layers are publicly available on AGO so that shouldn't be an issue. I'm assuming tiled imagery can be added to Experience Builder since you can do that using Web App Builder, but maybe it's that simple.

I started this map weeks ago before the tiled imagery layers were available and it's possible I've forgotten a necessary step since then.

No amount of clicking around in Experience Builder or searching for guides has gotten me anywhere, so any help with this will be greatly appreciated.


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HI @BrianHenderson2 

 The imagery layer is not supported as data source currently in ExB. Please find the doc here. But the tile imagery layers are visible in the Map widget. 

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Hello are there plans on bringing this to ExB as its a fairly core functionality we require