Horizontal cutoff when resizing Experience window

04-14-2022 01:42 PM
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I have made the below experience using a ton of individual dashboards and am having trouble with cutoff when resizing the window. You can see that when the window is resized smaller and smaller the dashboards get more cutoff on the left hand side. If the scroll bar would just go to the left as well as the right this would solve the issue....it seems to be pinned to the middle even though I have tried every setting to pin it to the left. Does anyone know which setting may be causing this?  I am new to experience builder and know there are many ways I could have set it up better but I really do not wish to rebuild when it is such a (seemingly) small issue. Here is the experience: https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/9d5c696e3e104cc59f9eb52443c95df2

Please let me know if you would like screenshots of any of the current settings or elements.

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