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Hide a layer in the Map Layers Widget in Experience Builder

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02-02-2022 11:00 AM
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I am building out a simple mapping application using Experience Builder. I have a layer within my web map that I am using for arcade expressions within my popups but I don't want the layer showing up in my legend or layer list. In the past, when using map viewer classic and WAB, this process of hiding the layer in my layer list was pretty straightforward but it doesn't seem to be a functionality within Experience Builder/the new version of Map Viewer. 

I have figured out how to hide the layer from my legend but still no luck with the layer list. It seems like such a simple functionality, I would be surprised for it not to be supported yet. 

Any assistance is much appreciated!



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@RhettZufelt , and @lzk222 

A possible workaround for you:

Add a 'widget controller' widget to your map, and then add the map layers widget to that.  It will show as an icon. Then you can move it to wherever.  The look is slightly different, but it gives you about the same visuals and functionality as the layers tool. 

JoshuaReyling_0-1714059670941.pnglayers tool      JoshuaReyling_1-1714059739576.pngmap layers widget



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Thanks, This does honor the settings and is a much nicer format.


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