Filter widget - Select multiple dropdown list disappears after one selection

02-21-2022 08:01 AM
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I've run into a functionality issue with the filter widget in ExB.

The current version of the app I'm working on is public and can be viewed here.  

It's set up to filter a larger dataset, 181,021 records of forest stands, and I've created a hierarchical filter list for the user to sort through the data to update the map, and charts/tables in the Report tab.

Each of the 5 filters are set up the same.

( (Manager is any of (?)) and (Unitname is any of (?)) and (FC KEY is any of (?)) and (Assigned Community Class is any of (?)) and (L4 Covertype is any of (?)) )


The first filter (Manager) only has 6 options and I am able to select multiple with no issue.


The 4 other filters (Unitname, FC KEY, Assigned Community Class, L4 Covertype) have hundreds or thousands of options and I am not able to select multiple. Once I select one, the entire list disappears. 



Is this a loading issue due to the dataset being so large? Or a functionality issue within the widget? I've been unable to find a solution within the filter widget settings or ExB help documentation.




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Hi @CourtneyRoss 

It's just the way you've got the AND in the clause and all the "if any". If you look at what you're asking in the filters, you're getting a diminishing return as you'd expect, and given (I assume) your FC Key is unique once that's selected it knocks everything else out. If you look at the data, you'd not do a filter by ObjectID.

Try Good Neighbour Authority and FC Key 12100 as a filter, it'll return nothing.

I'd knock out the FC Key as it's not really an easy identifier, if you want to retain it (if someone has a list of them) put it in a "search box" and not in the filters themselves.

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Hi Jon! Thanks for the quick response.

FC_KEY represents a stand compartment or grouping of stands within a unit and it's important to keep. It is not an ObjectID field. Good Neighbor Authority and FC Key 12100 returns nothing because that FC_KEY (stand compartment) isn't within the Good Neighbor Authority management area.

If I were to switch to OR instead of AND then the filter would no longer be hierarchical and function in the way I want it to. Since Good Neighbor Authority Lands is selected all stands within that management area would appear on the map and within my charts/tables. Alternatively, if I were to change ‘if any of’ then select multiple would not be possible.

I believe I do have the expression set up correctly? I want unrelated options to be knocked out as the user works their way down the list of filters. It seems that the ‘list values based on’ setting is processing immediately after each selection, when I wish it was processing after each list of options. Once a manager has been selected or multiple managers, I cannot select more than one options from the lists below although there are multiple options available. The list just disappears too quickly. If I click fast enough I can select two right next to each other, but that just seems wonky…

Try selecting Manager = WLD, and Unitname = Allegan SGA and Betsie River SGA. You can't do it, the list disappears.

Maybe I’m asking too much from a filter, but it seems like this should be possible? Can an expression with AND not function properly if using ‘if any of’? 

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