Filter Widget is Missing Values

04-28-2023 07:17 AM
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Hello All, 

I'm having a really bizarre and frustrating issue with the filter widget.  I have built an Experience Builder application that includes a filter, list and map widget.  All are pulling from the same data layer.   The filter widget consists of 5 elements, set to have values filtered by all other expressions.  So, it all works great, except one of the filters, District, is missing one value (NAN), and if you scroll down to the bottom of the values list, a wheel spins and spins.  This missing value populates just fine in the list and map, so I'm a bit confused.

You can see here the where NAN is missing in the filter, but the data is populating on the map correctly.



It's also populating just fine in the other widgets and popups: 



If you scroll to the bottom of the District filter, there is a waiting, spinning wheel that never disappears



NAN is also missing in the SQL builder: 



Yet here they all are, in the data table


Has anyone come across this issue?  Does anyone have any suggestions about what's going on? Cause I'm stumped.  Thanks!



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I don't know that this is the solution but in the past I have had trouble with some of the widgets within Experience Builder if any of the settings are changed after the initial set-up.  I have had success by deleting the widget and adding it again, essentially starting over with the widget.

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Hi, @jenmac18 thank you for bringing this up. Sorry for your frustration but this is quite an interesting case that has not yet come up until now.


NaN represents a specific numeric data type - an undefined value or value that cannot be represented. Currently, the SQL Expr Builder will remove all undefined values for a better experience, yet it seems like your string field "NAN" with a valid meaning has also been filtered out. We will take a look at this.

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Thank you so much!  At least I know I'm not going crazy or missing something.

I look forward to see what you can find out.  


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@jenmac18 @tash We have fixed this issue and in the latest AGOL environment after the recent June release, you shall be able to see this 'NAN' field as expected. Let us know if you encounter any other issues. Thank you.

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