Filter Widget filters date field but not text version of date field?

11-16-2022 02:56 PM
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I am in the process of moving to EB from a dashboard to make use of more sql statements in the filter widget compared to dashboards specifically the 'contains'.

I'm having trouble configuring the filter widget to get the results I want which for the most part was easily achievable in dashboards (except the contains).  In the filter, I want all the clauses to update by all other expressions. For the second clause, this is a date field as text (works fine in dashboards) but it is not working even though the filter values update to those of the current year selected, the map does not update. I also feel the species list field with the contains statement is not updating based on other expressions (which is the sole reason I'm trying to move the app from dashboards.

Is there any reason a text field can't be used in the sql? When I change the second statement to be the actual date format, the map updates as expected. Because of UTC/date conversions the date is a day off in AGOL hence the use of text. However, I would also like the second clause to be select multiple which is possible with text, but not date fields.

I posted a reply on another post, but is there any control on being able to sort descending?  The last clause I have put in predefine unique values (see attachments). Why does the sort order in the EB change from what is set to the other attachment? The sort order doesn't make any sense at least to me?

I'm bummed to be transitioning from Dashboards only to be running into new obstacles.

Update I see now that the 'Values filtered by all other expressions" is not available for the predefined unique values clause (darn) so I guess that makes sense why it is not updating. Although another weird thing is if I select a species for which I know there is no data based on the previous two filters, the map zooms to the Gulf of Guinea? Whereas the map area of intent is Alaska.

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