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Filter Related Data Source

09-01-2022 04:20 AM
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We have a hosted feature service on ArcGIS Online that contains several feature layers and tables connected through many-to-many relationships. We have imported this feature service in Experience Builder as a Data Source. 

What we would want is, when we apply a filter on a particular feature layer data source through updateQueryParams method, all the related data sources should get filtered automatically. Currently, this is not supported in the Jimu library. Hence, we need to filter the related feature layers and tables manually. This can become time consuming especially when we have an attributed many-to-many relationship. In that case after filtering the data source, we need to filter the attribute table of the relationship and use the filtered results from the attribute table to filter the destination table. It would be great if there is a better way through which the Jimu library can support this workflow.

Also, is there a way in Jimu library to get the filtered records for FeatureLayerDataSource after applying the 'updateQueryParams' method on the data source? We were hoping, the 'getRecords' method would be able to get the filtered records after 'updateQueryParams', but it is returning an empty array. 


Thank you.





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