Filter other widgets with value from an embedded Survey123 form

03-10-2022 09:55 AM
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I am fairly new to Experience Builder and I am hoping that what I am envisioning is possible.

I would like to use an embedded Survey123 form to allow an end user to answer 5 questions within the survey form. Then I would like for the person to submit the form. During the submission I would like to have a hidden value passed from the Survey123 form into a "filter" parameter. It would be used to display information within a map (the submitted Survey123 feature), some attributes within a "List" module, and provide a custom text box for only the submitted feature.

Meaning, I do not want any of my previously submitted shapes to be present within the map, list or text modules, and to only display information once the Survey123 form has been submitted.

So, the workflow would be

  1. User opens Experience Builder Site with a blank Survey123 form, a blank map, a blank list, and an empty text module.
  2. User fills out Survey123 form with a point feature, some text questions, and then submits the form.
  3. During the submission of the form I would like to pass an attribute value from the form to a filter module.
  4. This filter module would then be used to update the map, list, and text modules with the spatial data, list data comprised of the features attributes, and text from the attributes for the text module.

I want my end user to submit a Survey123 form, then in return will cause the map to update and display a polygon feature based on a value within the user submitted form. I wan to make it easy for the user to see the polygon and associated values.

I would assume that the Text module could be linked to the data source and some how the feature within the map automatically selected to enable the text and list to be populated with my desired values?

I am unsure if maybe the "Query" could support this effort or not?

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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