Filter options carried over from pop-up window to a map on a page

04-03-2023 09:15 AM
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I wanted to ask about some widget options, if it its available in the current version of the Experience builder.
I would like to create something like this: Land cover atlas 

When you land on a page - click Launch and pop-up window appear with filters.
You can filter your data there and then click "get started". Then you land on a page where you filters are applied to a map and other widgets. You can also reset the filters on the page if needed.

I cannot find an option to "carry over" my filters from pop-up window to a page with a map.
After I set up my filters in the window and land to the map page my filters are lost and I see all the data again (no selection).
Is there an option to connect pop-up window with data filters to a map and actually see filtered results on a map?
Thank you!

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Hi @ArianaMo1912 ,

Due to the window mechanism, any widgets on the window will be destroyed once the window is closed.

Can you try the widget controller instead to see if it meets your requirements?



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