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02-26-2020 07:03 AM
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I am attempting to filter for a date range with the sqlexpression‌ Builder, and only see choices based on a single date:

I also see an area where it appears that I can add my own SQL or edit it, but it won't let me edit...:

The ultimate experience would be to allow the selection of a date (or date+time) range to allow for searches like:

  • Which batteries were installed >=5 years ago - as they would need to be replaced. (Fixed alert-type example)
  • User chooses range of dates to concentrate on when the system was having problems.  (For example:  We collect "Radio Not Working" complaints from our Land Mobile Radio system users.  Our staff must be able to see what complaints happened during a date range so they can evaluate the complaints against things like system outages.  This would help to properly categorize the complaints as NOT user-training, coverage, interference, or end-user hardware problems and quickly close the complaint.

If I am not missing a way to make date or date/time range filters, either fixed or user-modified, this is a huge hole in the usability of the entire ArcGIS Experience Builder‌ product.

Please tell me I am missing something and show me the documentation.

Thank you,


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The feature of filtering by date range has been added for AGOL 8.2 release (July 2020).

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Hi Adam, thank you for your valuable feedback. To answer your questions:

1. We have not supported the date range in this release. It will be supported together with several other logical operators in the next releases;

2. The area showing the SQL is for display and output only - it does not allow users to edit the actual SQL. If editing the content is desired, you can go back to the SQL expression builder and make changes in the corresponding clause.

The documentation site including the overview, general operations, and widgets can be found here: What is ArcGIS Experience Builder?—ArcGIS Experience Builder Help | Documentation 

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Hi Tonghui, I am attempting the date filter as follows: 


how to achieve this? Appreciate any guidance.  

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The feature of filtering by date range has been added for AGOL 8.2 release (July 2020).