01-15-2020 06:13 PM
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I've explored the beta version a bit and it seems to have a lot of potential. A few quesitons:


I am in the Jewelrybox template. When I make a selection from the side list panel, is there a way to modify how the the point on a map appears? Currently, all I see is Esri's default bright blue to indicate a selection. This color does not always work, especially with certain map colors. 

Second, I trying to add data from a Web Scene and it is not allowing me to. I can pull in the map fine but not the data.

Lastly, would be great to have the ability customize pop-ups so they tie in with the rest of the app the user designs.


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Currently, we are using the default highlight option that is used in the ArcGIS JavaScript API for the map widget. Is this something you often need? I could see where this option would be helpful.  Another option, you could create your own map widget using the dev edition of ExB to load your datasources such as web maps, web scenes and change the highlight option for the map and scene view. Can you share with us the Web Scene that you're trying to use? Thanks for the feedback about the pop-ups, we have received a couple of requests on this and we will look into it.

const options: __esri.MapViewProperties = {
color: [255, 255, 0, 1],
haloOpacity: 0.9,
fillOpacity: 0.2
container: this.mapContainer.current
view: new MapView(options),
isActive: true
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Yes, I'd say this is something commonly requested. It'd be also nice if when clicking on a selected box it zooms into the location.

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