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12-12-2019 06:23 AM
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Here is feedback from my use of Experience Builder :

In final version, Will Experience Builder exist in several languages?
My problem is not with the backend but with the frontend.
Some interfaces or messages are in English :

  • "Search" in List widget
  • "Waiting for data source" during a data load
  • "No Data"
  • Feature Info Widget (0 of 00)
  • Share widget (non-customizable email text)
  • Some tooltips (measure)
  • ...

For improve the users experience of the website, I would like to know if it will be possible to modify these expressions.

In a Map widget, it would be nice to be able to customize the thumbnails (bottom left) that go from one view to another. thumbnail of a feature set is not always relevant in this case.

In the Share Widget, Could you add the ability to change the order of icons ?

In the Widget Feature Info, Could you add the possibility of sorting the records with a field (as with the Widget List) ?
In the Feature Info Widget, to improve navigation, is it possible to add controls to go directly to the start and end of the list (<< < 0 of 00 > >>) ?

In List widget, would it be possible to add a grid layout, like "Minimal Gallery" apps ( ?

In the SQL Expression Builder, for a date field, is it possible to add the operators "greater than" and "less than"? for filtering over a period.

In the Expression Builder edit box, we can not paste text. This could simplify the creation of expression.


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